Be ye therefore perfect

The following should be read by every single human being. It is a comprehensive list of sins that DEFILE us (pay attention to the word "defile").

Revelation 21:27
And there shall in no wise enter into it (the kingdom of YHWH) ANY THING THAT DEFILETH, neither whatsoever worketh abomination, or maketh a lie: but they which are written in the Lamb's book of life.

"Any thing that defileth" includes all the things on this list. Take note and judge yourselves if you fall short. Repent and turn from whatever defiles you.

I saw this list on a friend's timeline, and thought I would share. Here is the list:

Weave, Hair Extensions, Attachments, Yarn, Eyelash Extensions,
Perming Hair with Chemicals,
Wearing Excess, or Pagan Cross & Star Pendants on Jewelry,
Partaking of The Mixing of Genders in Clothing, i.e. Skinny Jeans, Skirts, or Homosexual Trends i.e, (Lowering Trousers or Jeans past the Waist,) for Men, Trousers, Androgynous, Jezebel or Revealing/Harlot Clothing for Women,
Copying & Wearing Homosexual/Drag Makeup Techniques, (Contouring & Highlighting!)
Body and Face Piercing,
Women Shaving their Heads for Fashion / Copying Lesbian Trends,
Oral Sex, Sodomy, Fornication & Adultery, Watching Porn, Masturbation, Sex with Animals,
Keeping Pictures, Statues, or Models of Other gods in the Home i.e, Buddha's, The Fake Images/Pictures of Jesus, Masks, Worshiping Famous People, Fantasizing about Stars/Actors/Singers etc,
Loyalty to Pastors, Leaders, Apostles, Prophets, Church, Camps, Gangs, Family, Work, Friends, over The Almighty - YHWH,
Candle/Incense Burning for Fashion, Using Crystals,
Partaking of Star Signs, Astrology, Online Readings, Tarot Cards, Visiting, Connecting With, or Supporting, Mediums, Psychics, Witch Doctors, Shamans, Using Ouija Boards or Any Other Means of Channeling the Dead,
Stubbornness/Rebellion, = Witchcraft/Idolatry,
Unforgiveness, Lack of Love & Compassion, Bitterness & Envy,
Drunkenness, Drugs, Shisha, Food/Gluttony or Other Addictions, Lack of Self/Control,
Yoga, Meditation, Hypnotism, Acupuncture, Martial Arts,
Lies, Lack of Integrity, Deception, Fraud, Criminal Activity,
Homosexuality, Lesbianism, Sexual Addictions, Deviant Fantasies,
Addictions to Technology, Social Media, Gadgets, Gaming,
Experiencing Continual Sexual Dreams,
Eating Unclean Foods,
Rituals, Cultural, Secret, or Religious Practices or Celebrations that include Taking Oaths, Making Pacts, Covenants, or Promises, Outside of Scriptural Truth, Partaking in Pagan Customs, (i.e, Christmas, Easter, Valentines, Halloween, Independence Day, Lent, Thanksgiving, Christenings, Confirmations)
Making and Keeping Memorials for The Dead, Grave Side Shrines, Nine Nights,
Skin Bleaching, Self Harming, Eating Disorders, Epilepsy,
Swearing, Foul Language, Negative Speech, Verbal Recklessness,
Drill Music, Rock, Heavy Metal Music, Modern Rap, Trap, Hardcore, Trance, Hard House, Gay/Artists Gospel Music, Bashment, Grime,
Frequenting Clubs, Wine Bars, or Establishments that Promote Sin,
Leading babes in The Truth in Error/Deception Intentionally,
Vaccinations, Addictive Medications,
Addictions to Working Out, Gym, Body Image,
Twerking, Compulsive Selfies, Demonic Poses or Hand Signs Pledging Loyalty or Allegiance to Satan,
Denying the Truth in Relation to The Almighty - YHWH, His Son, or The Ruach HaKodesh intentionally!

Pray Over, Repent, Renounce, Bind, Break Agreement With & Cancel The Assignment of anything you have read on this list that pertains to you.

This list is not meant to make us feel hopeless, rather for us to sanctify ourselves as we go through our journey, knowing that only one thing matters in the end, and that is: we make it into the kingdom.


Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect. (Mat 5:48)

Thanks to Melick Keziah, my sister in YHWH, for this list.

Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see YHWH: (Hebrews 12:14)

About Brian Elliott

Brian is a member of the Clarks Town branch of the First Congregation of Yahweh International. He is the founder of Yahjam Web Services (, the developer of this website.

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