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Congregation of Yahweh Clark's TownAbout The First Congregation of Yahweh International

The First Congregation of Yahweh International has been in Jamaica for almost fifty years. Its founding stemmed from the Missionary efforts of The Congregation of Yahweh situated in the United Kingdom, who (in the 1970’s) sent missionaries to the island to work with a group of people.

The efforts, and assistance of CoY UK, greatly assisted the fledgeling groups in Jamaica and eventually, the local assemblies became stronger.

In due time we were joined by a group from Kingston who shared the same vision. At the present, we have local branches in five locations in Jamaica, plus affiliation with a group in Florida called Ambassadors of Yahweh.

Over the years we have made many friends and we are affiliated with several other groups internationally. We are also a part of ICY, the International Congregation Of Yahweh, which is an association of national congregations who are committed to the Gospel of the Kingdom and to working together in proclaiming it worldwide.

The concept of the International Congregation of Yahweh (ICY) was birthed in 2004; however, it took another seven years (January 2011) before it was eventually established. It is an association of national fellowships who are being restored to the Hebraic roots of the faith, and who are committed to sharing fellowship, ministers, resources, and a vision for the expansion of Yahweh’s Kingdom. ICY is the umbrella for this international cooperation between like-minded congregations.

The general overseer of the local groups is Lynval Henry. He works with a team of committed ministers, who are dedicated to spreading the message of the Kingdom, the full gospel, and perfecting those whom Yahweh has called. The spreading of the good news is done by evangelistic outreach and by a weekly nationally broadcast radio Programme.

  • There is one true and holy Elohim (God)

    We believe that there is one true and holy Elohim, (God) Yahweh  Deut 6:4; Ps.90:2, 1Cor 8:4-6, Eph 4:6, John   17:3.

  • Names of the Father & the Son

    We believe that the personal name of the Elohim (God) of Israel, our Heavenly Father is Yahweh and the Name of His Son, our Saviour is Yahshua. Ex.3:14-15; Matt.1:21; Jn.5:43

  • Yahshua came to fulfill the law

    Yahshua did not come to destroy the law but to fulfill it. Matt 5:17-19. That through His Holy Spirit residing within us and circumcising our hearts we too can fulfill his commandments. Rom 8:3 -4.

  • Feast celebrations continue in the New Covenant

    We believe that the celebrations of the Feasts in Leviticus 23 were continued in the New Covenant era and are to be observed today – this includes the 7th day Sabbath.

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Our Leaders

Pastor Lynval Henry portrait

Lynval Henry


Pastor Lynval Henry is the overseer (leader) of the
First Congregation of Yahweh International

Elder G. Brown Congregation of Yahweh

Gladstone Brown


Elder Gladstone Brown is the local elder and a long time time stalwart of the faith, ably assisting Pastor Henry in the Clarks Town branch.

Pastor Robert G Walker - Congregation of Yahweh

Robert G. Walker


Pastor Robert G. Walker is co-Pastor of the West Road, Kingston branch.

Pastor Melverton C Lakeman Congrefation of Yahweh West Road Jamaica

Melverton C. Lakeman


Pastor Melverton C. Lakeman is co-Pastor of the branch located on West Road, Kingston.

Pastor Glendon Lewis - Congregation of Yahweh Content, Jamaica

Glendon Lewis


Pastor Glendon Lewis is the pastor of the Content, St. James branch.

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