Pastor Kerr and Mother Estelle Taylor

Mother Estelle Taylor, one of the founders of First Congregation of Yahweh, is now recovering from heart surgery.

She had been feeling ill for the past few weeks. She was able to attend the seventh day Sabbath service in the Feast of Unleavened Bread in Kingston but she was not her usual self.

A visit to the doctor revealed that her heart rate was very low. The 93-year old who is normally as strong as a 55-year old, was admitted to the St. Ann's Bay hospital. She was transferred to the University hospital to have a pacemaker inserted to regularise her heart beat.

She started making a quick recovery after the surgery and is now at home getting back to her full strength.

On October 22 last year, Mother Taylor was the front seat passenger involved in a serious accident in Clark's Town, on returning from a Sabbath meeting in Kingston.

Mother Estelle does not feel Yahweh is not done with her yet. She says she asked him to take her to 100 and she believes he will take her there.

The family of First Congregation of Yahweh International would like to thank all those who offered prayers and well wishes during her time of ilness.

Here we share a video of the last time she delivered the message in First Congregation of Yahweh International, Clark's Town: "Walking In The New Covenant."

Walking In The New Covenant

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