Photos and Videos from Pentecost 2016

Pentecost 2016 in Content, Adelphi, St. James, was a gathering of the groups from Clarks Town, Yorkland, Paisley and host assembly, Content.

We were blessed with the presence of two female nonagenarians (over 90 years old), one of whom (Sister Estelle Taylor) gave a powerful message, asking the question, "Have you been filled with the Holy Spirit since you believed?" This laid the foundation for Pastor Henry's message that was to come later on entitled: "The Baptism of the Holy Spirit."

We have a video of the sermon by Pastor Walker, as well as other photos and videos from a wonderful feast day over in Content. The photos will be shown first of all, then the videos. Enjoy!

Pentecost 2016 Photos


At the break


Brother Lattie shares jackfruit


Brother Lattie shares the jackfruit as the sisters look on


Sisters Chloe and Shaneika


This photo is misleading


Tiffany, Brian, Shaneika and Chloe from Clarks Town branch


Odane enjoying his lunch


Sisters Chloe, Shaneika and Brother Mansel


No, they didn't plan to wear pink and black.


No, they didn't plan it.


Sharing first fruits of banana at Pentecost 2016


Sharing first fruits of cabbage at Pentecost 2016


Sharing first fruits at Pentecost 2016

Pentecost 2016 Videos

Pastor Henry

About Brian Elliott

Brian is a member of the Clarks Town branch of the First Congregation of Yahweh International. He is the founder of Yahjam Web Services (, the developer of this website.

8 Responses to “Photos and Videos from Pentecost 2016 in Content, St. James”

  1. Owen Redwood

    It is so refreshing to go on line and see my people (family ) thanks to everyone who made this possible yahweh bless you all.

  2. Bernadette Elliott

    I was so moved. The anointing that’s on the voice of these Yahwehs’ people. I’ve never felt such strong anointing via the telephone before. I’m so truly grateful for the kindness , thoughtfulness & love you’ve shown by sharing this special feast day of Pentecost. Yahweh is truly good. Halleluyah! HE is worthy to be praised!!!!

  3. Bernadette Elliott

    I also enjoyed seeing my family in Yahweh. Fills my heart. I truly understand how the Apostle felt when he missed Yahwehs’ people. Such joy that fills my soul to see everyone in unity lifting up the name of Yahweh. Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. Jemrose Walker

    Thank you for sharing COY JA. Felt as if I were there with you. One day! Ffrenchie, your voice is anointed and beautiful as ever. Continue to bless and be blessed.

  5. Paula Ellis

    I feel so jealous seeing the saints of Yahweh’s giving praises to his name, but by the mercies of Yahweh i will be there soon. I enjoyed it very much, loved my pastor message always. I am happy that Yahweh’s name is proclaimed on the world wide web.

  6. Denise Ellis-Henry

    It’s a wonderful family to which we belong. It’s a wonderful pathway we’re marching along. It’s a wonderful spirit thats leading us on. All praise be to our living Elohim and thanks be to His son. I pray that via this medium, many will be ushered into the Body of Messiah.


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