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Rebekah Henry

Avis (Rebekah) Henry, the wife of our Overseer Pastor Lynval Henry, has passed. Sister/Aunty Rebekah was battling sickness and was hospitalized a short time before her passing.

She was diagnosed with cancer and then suffered a stroke. She died peacefully in the Falmouth hospital.

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Rebekah Henry (left) with sister Beverley Nembhard from Congregation of Yahweh in England.

The First Congregation of Yahweh acknowledges the passing of our dear sister, mother and aunt. Sister Rebekah left us on Sabbath morning, May 19, 2018. However, we acknowledge that she is now in a better place.

Fredlinda "Cherry" Henry

Sister Rebecca's passing follows that of her next door neighbor and our fellow sister Fredlinda "Cherry" Henry. Sister Cherry also died peacefully from illness. She passed away at home on Monday Morning April 30, 2018. She will be buried on May 27, 2018.

Our condolences go out to our Overseer Pastor Henry and family, as well as sister Annette (daughter of Fredlinda Henry) and family.

Funeral Arrangements for Rebekah Henry

Funeral services for Avis (Rebekah) Henry will be held at the Hollis Lynch Hall near Westgate, Montego Bay. Transportation to the venue is being arranged in each branch of the First Congregation of Yahweh International, Jamaica.

23 Responses to “Rebekah Henry, Wife of Overseer Pastor Henry Has Passed”

  1. Beverly Nembhard

    Becky will never be forgotten. A genuine friend and sister in the faith. Rest in your Master’s Shalom!

  2. Ruth Foster, UK

    Love and condolences to the HENRY Family. I am broken hearted. Rebecca was a sister and friend.

    We grew up together from a young age (I was 12 years old when I first met Rebecca in the Church of God, Nottingham which later became known as The Congregation of Yahweh.

    Rebecca always had a smile, was so funny and never had a bad word to say about anyone and she LOVED Yahweh! Qualities that never changed.

    Life separated us by distance but our friendship and “family tie” never changed. Love you always Becky… safe in the arms of Yahshua xx

  3. Crystal Ferguson

    My condolences go out to overseer Henry and family for the passing of out there sister Rebecca I last saw her at the Women’s Conference 2018. I had no idea I would never see her again at another woman’s conference her heart was so saddened When I heard of passing words can’t even express the pain of a loved one and the realization that you will never see them again. Stay strong my Jamaican family until we see each other again. I love you guys

  4. Judith (Juds)

    Auntie Rebekah was both my sister and dear friend.
    Rebekah was pleasant and also had a great sense of humour.

    Her testimony at this year’s Women’s Conference will live on as proof of her love for and complete trust in her Father, Yahweh.

    Her testimony reminded us that “we have a treasure in earthen vessel”….. and that while much can befall the vessel, the treasure within remains secure.

    I am still all heartbroken but I am comforted by the thought that Rebekah ran her race well and completed her course!

    She was a faithful servant who stood by Pastor in ministry and who by extension served with joy all Yahweh’s Ministers and His people by opening her heart and home.

    Rebekah : an earthen vessel – at rest!!!

  5. Veronique Chaplin

    Thoughtful, loving and kind.. a few words that come to mind when you think of aunt Rebeka. … I love her dearly and do miss her. Her thought provoking testimonials and encouragements… There is now a gap in our hearts, but we know that Abba knows… She sleeps as we await the return of the Master..

    A hope we all have in Him. HalleluYah!!

  6. Jody- Kay Mickens

    Aunty Rebekah: Angel on earth. I have such fond childhood memories, spending time with Aunty Rebekah and her family in Trewlany. She was always loving and greeted me joyfully with a smile and she genuinely cared.

    My latest memories of her is Women’s Conference 2016 & 2017. We enjoyed the spirtual and natural. We bonded further while enjoying pool activities, aerobics/workouts the sauna…. and great laughter during our special late night gatherings with the Women’s Conference group. I miss her dearly.

    My condolences and prayers to Pastor Henry and family during this difficult time as we all mourn her passing.

    Yahweh Bless.❤

  7. Sharon

    My sincere condolences to Pastor Henry, his family and the brethren in Jamaica. We will miss Auntie Becca, so down-to-earth, kind and warm-hearted. My prayers also extend to Sis. Cherry’s family. These are the stalwarts I grew up around and I will forever be grateful for their examples as committed disciples of Yahshua.
    May Father Yahweh comfort your hearts.

  8. Jo Robinson (Nottingham UK Congregation)

    Sister Rebekah was one of the most kindest, caring & beautiful women I have had the pleasure of meeting. Her infectious smile & presence lit up any space. She was an encourager who never stood down in the face of adversity. Her challenge was great and she faced it with Faith, Dignity & Hope, keeping her eyes firmly fixed on Yahshua Messiah.
    Sending deepest condolences to Pastor Lynval Henry & family. May Yahweh’s Shalom be yours always. Sleep on my beautiful sister. You have finished your race.

  9. Sis Wilson

    Rebekah was my sister and friend for many years. One who was trustworthy and kind and always had a smile. We laughed together and cried together. I am saddened over her passing but joyful to know that she was faithful to her call and served the people of Yahweh patiently and joyfully.

    Her presence is greatly missed, and I will miss hearing her voice. I take comfort in remembering how effective her prayers and words of encouragement were. She impacted us all in a positive way.

    To her immediate biological family I say, Sister Rebekah is now at peace in the arms of our Master. Resting and awaiting that triumphant day. Be encouraged and be strong. I love you all.

  10. Beth Avallone

    Dear sweet Rebekah, you have finished the course, receive your eternal reward…. I will always remember your dramatic ‘conversion’ in a youth meeting! You have remained faithful ‘to your post’ through all these years, how wonderful is that! Our love and prayers are with you Lynval and all your family….Love always, Beth and Peter. xxx

  11. Bev Grant-USA

    “It’s hard to forget someone who gave you so much to remember.” To have lived and impacted so many lives the way that Rebekah did, you can go on knowing that to have known her was to love her.

    We sat beside each other on Sabbath, May 5th during the Women’s Conference, and as we held hands and talked, I drew strength from my dear friend and sister, whose smile, warmth and beautiful spirit remain indelible in my heart.

    As she testified during the service, it was evident that despite the challenges with her health, her love, hope and faith rested in the Elohim that she served. “I hope I did enough”….was one of things that Auntie said, thought-provoking words that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

    To her beloved husband and life partner, Pastor Henry, her lovely children, grand-children and all other family members connected both naturally and spiritually, may we all take comfort in knowing that the life that she lived now speaks for her. “When we asunder part, it gives us inward pain, but we shall still be joined in heart, with hope to meet again”

    She died as she lived – everyone’s friend. Rest well my friend.

  12. Audrey Williams

    Getting to know sis. Rebekah (aunty Rebekah, affectionately called) I found her to be very pleasant, always wearing a smile, kind, caring and hospitable.

    She is one that I always aspire to be like, a woman of power, yet simple and humble.

    On her visits to Kingston I would look forward to hear her words of exhortation, they were sound words, very blessed and encouraging and without any reservation l know she is resting with her Father, rest on sis.

  13. Sandra Walker

    Auntie Rebekah. I miss her terribly and am trying to accept the truth that she is no longer with us.
    Auntie was a special part of my life since I was 9 years old. She was like a second mother and definitely a beautiful friend. Regardless of whatever she was facing, this icon of humility was constantly and consistently pleasant, positive, jovial, encouraging and hopeful… enviable qualities in this stressful world.

    Auntie worked faithfully and diligently in her ministry over the years. Never having the bread of idleness, she gave 100% support to her husband in his ministry. She helped to mould so many of us in this pathway and was always encouraging and supportive.

    As a teen, Auntie guided me as I made my first dress on her sewing machine in her bedroom. Other garments were to follow under her supervision.

    Auntie was a plant lover and served as foster mother to my plants which weren’t doing well in the Kingston climate. We were always trading plants. Always discussing what to do to make them grow better.

    Her passing leaves a gaping void which cannot be filled but thankfully we have the blessed hope that she is in a good place and her future is secure. I can’t wait to see her again on that day when we can never again be parted. Halleluyah!!

    Be encouraged Uncle Lynval, children and grandchildren. I know it’s very painful but Yahweh will soothe and heal the pain. Let’s make every effort to be faithful so we will be with her again.

    I also extend love and support to Annette and family. Auntie Cherry is also in a good place. She’s been a faithful steward – always at her post and her reward is sure.

    Bless Yahweh; for all He does, is well done!

  14. Beverly

    It was a privilege to visit Sister Cherry a few days before she was taken home. She peacefully entered in her eternal rest in a very quiet way. In her last few days she still had the desire to go to the Assembly on the Sabbath to worship her Maker.

    Sister Cherry was a faithful servant of Yahshua. She will be missed by all her family and friends. Rest in peace my dear Sister.

  15. Sis. Blake, Granville Assembly of Yahweh

    My sincere condolences to Pastor Henry and his immediate family as well as the spiritual family of Father Yahweh on the passing of Sis. Henry. She truly was a pleasant, warm, welcoming and accommodating lady. She was never without a smile.
    May we take comfort in the fact that Father Yahweh knows best what is best for us all.
    May her soul rest in peace and await the trump of Yahweh when those who are asleep in Yahweh shall rise first. HalleluYah

  16. Marica Henlon-Dell and Delroy Dell

    Pastor Henry,

    Our condolences to you and family at the passing of your dear wife. May Yahweh’s blessing and peace continue to strengthen you; may the Holy Spirit comfort you and family at this difficult time.

  17. Beverly Boyd

    Good morning. Today I am just learning of the sad news. I am hurt to hear of her death, although I am not there, I loved her very much. She was the most pleasant and humble person I know, a fine example of a virtuous woman. My husband and I would really like to be there. May you find comfort through the Holy Spirit in this hour.

    From Bro Albert and Sis Beverly Boyd.

  18. Bevene Harriott

    It is with profound sorrow that I extend my condolence to Pastor Lynval Henry and immediate family and also the family of Yahweh there in Jamaica on the passing of Sister Rebecca.

    I’ve known Sis. Rebecca to be a sweet, gentle gem who truly manifested the spirit, and love of Yahshua. She always had a smile and my encounter with her a few years ago when she visited the States, led us to be Facebook Friends and “Words With Friends” game partners.

    I am really going to miss her, but Yahweh knows best, and with all my heart, I believe she has fought her fight, she’s finished her course, and now there’s laid up for her a Crown of Life. Rest in Peace my sister, until we meet in the morning.

  19. Abigail Townsend

    Rebekah was my friend and sister in the faith since we were teenagers, growing up in the church together. Our first children were born 10 days apart and blessed together at The Congregation of Yahweh, Nottingham. We went into town and they shared the same pram! I will miss her visits, her jokes, her laughs, her fellowship. She is gone from us too soon and we will miss her. She will not be forgotten. We will meet again on the other side!
    Our thoughts and prayers are with Lynval and family.

  20. Diane Hall

    Our deepest condolences to pastor Henry and the family, may Yahweh strengthen the church family as we look to him in prayer. From sister Rita and family.

  21. Uvena Malcolm

    My condolences to Pastor Henry and family may Yahweh comfort immediate and church family. From sister Rita’s daughter, Petal and family. USA

  22. Andrew/Mervena St Louis. Nottingham

    My condolences to Pastor Lynval Henry, Karen, Lydia, Salome, Davina, And all the family.
    You are all in our prayers!
    Father bless and comfort you all.
    Rebecca was a true servant of Yahweh.
    We will miss your visit to England.
    Rest in your Heavenly Home!

  23. Wayne McLeish (UK)

    It is with the deepest of sadness I send this note, however I know that this is not the end. It’s only a NEW BEGINNING for those we have lost where they are greeted by familiar faces of old.
    Family and friends who have passed on long before them.
    It is an amazing transition into a new world called HEAVEN.
    So Sis …’s not goodbye, but farewell because joy will come in the morning.
    And while we wait and continue to complete our “bit” here on earth, it is now midnight….so please leave the lights on until we meet in the morning (SOME SWEET DAY) our dear sister Rebecca.
    Fr. Wayne, Ruth and Family.


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